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    The best bike hotels in the region have joined together to offer you a very special biking experience. On the three nations tour one highlight follows the next! Legendary bike spots as the Val d'Uina, the Val Mora or Alpisella Pass are only a sample of the route program.

    In all hotels personalized hospitality and culinary specialties are complemented by a coordinated biker service.

    This breath-taking self-guided trip, provides you with maps, luggage transport between locations and hotels along with way, letting you take in Switzerland, Austria and Italy under your own steam.

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    The four stages of the Mountainbike Dreiländertour promise high altitude trails, interesting pass crossings with breathtaking views, great descents and lovely river trails.  You can choose between two different routes depending on your level and what you want to get out of this trip. The tour is suitable both for pleasure bikers with a good basic condition and for bikers with a good to very good condition and a safe bike technique. Route A with 7,300m in altitude and 230km of riding is ideal for very strong riders who are in good to excellent physical condition   Route B is a less intense option but still fun and challenging. With slightly less altitude of 5,000m to climb and 175km of riding it is suitable for those who regularly ride and are physically fit.

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    In each hotel you can recharge the batteries of your e-bike. Along the routes there are also eBike friendly restaurants that provide this service as well.

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    Every stage location has single trails, which will make your heart beat faster. By using the lift, the train or the Bus service you can manage your strength. Also with this variant different degrees of difficulty can be selected  day by day . The tour is aimed at technically experienced and conditionally strong bikers, since – depending on the stage chosen – you will have to overcome between 41 – 110 km and 1,000 – 3,640 metres of altitude difference every day

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    With the Roadbike, cycling’s lovers can also enjoy this unique tour. Cyclists  can follow  3 different routes per stage to choose amongst 3 different  itineraries  . Variant A with 3803 metres of altitude difference and 263.5 kilometres is suitable for sporty riders. Well trained cyclists can test themselves with on Tour B: 9106 metres of altitude difference and   448.1 kilometres of distance! If you are extremely trained and  ready  for  suffering , you  can prove TOUR C: 11,776 metres of altitude difference and 531.4 kilometres into this route.

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    Trail runners should not be deprived of the Dreiländertour either. That’s why we have added the running trend to our offer so that they can also enjoy this unique tour. There are also four different routes with different levels of difficulty to choose from for each stage. Depending on the chosen stage – between 15 – 53 km and 500 – 2’800 metres in altitude have to be overcome per day. This can be decided individually, whatever the condition, motivation and legs allow, even at short notice each day anew. Either way, everyone can look forward to a panoramic, historic round tour with scenic highlights in the three-country region of Engadin – Vinschgau – Livigno.

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