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Spectacular tours and legendary biking hotspots


The three nations tour which takes you around the Swiss National Park in four days promises accessible trails at high altitude, exciting pass crossings with breathtaking views, fantastic downhill rides and scenic paths along rivers.

You can choose between two different routes for your individual three nations tour. Tour A with almost 7,300 m altitude difference and approx. 230 km is ideal for very strong bikers who are in good to excellent physical condition and above all have good biking skills. Tour B is the alternative. With 5,000 m altitude difference and approx. 175 km it is suitable for bikers who regularly go for rides and are physically fit. However, good biking skills are also an advantage for Tour B.


More and more MTB fans can be electrified, e-mountain bikes are gaining in popularity. The Dreiländertour also offers the E-MTB scene a unique experience. The Tour B  of the MTB route is ideal for this. Bring the heights with the E-Mountainbike sportily and joyfully behind you.


Singletrail fans will also get their money's worth. Each stage has singletrails, which will make your heart beat faster. Through lift use, train or shuttle service you can allocate your forces correctly.


Thanks to the roadbike three nations tour this unique experience is now available also for those who love to ride on narrow wheels.

Road cyclists now have the choice of 3 different routes. Route A with 3,803 m altitude difference and 263.5 km is suitable for active riders. Those who have very well developed leg muscles are at ease with Route B with a total of 9,106 m altitude difference and 448.1 km. For those who seek the ultimate challenge, there is always Route C. “Quäldich” founder Jan Sahner has designed this route which covers a painful 11,776 m altitude difference and 531.4 km.