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Testimonial three nations tour from july 24th to 27th 2003


The Bike 3-Nations Tour was an absolutely brilliant experience. In 4 days we got to know 3 nations, 3 cultures and 3 languages.

We enjoyed our tour to the full because the luggage was transported for us from one hotel to the next. All four hotels have their own character, they are very well managed with an individual touch. At each hotel bikers find all the amenities they can wish for: a lockable bike garage, washing facilities, laundry service, a drying room for wet clothes, a work shop for repairs etc.

In the evening, after a tough but wonderful day on the bike, we enjoyed a good meal and a fine wine at the hotel. All the hotels are different – each one offers a choice of local specialities, ensuring one has a variety of food to choose from.

A word of advice on which tour is the right one for you: tour A with almost 7,300 m altitude difference and approx. 230 km is ideal for very strong bikers. This means that their physical condition should be good to excellent and their biking skills up to scratch. This tour is a challenge not only for the bikers, but also for their equipment, so the bike must be top of the range.

Tour B is a good alternative. With scarcely 5,000 m altitude difference and approx. 175 km, it is perfect for bikers who go on regular rides and have good basic fitness. However, good biking skills are also an advantage for this tour.

The 3-Nations Tour is an absolute MUST for bikers! An incredible experience, great natural scenery, beautiful trails and challenging rides.